Standing Committees

WACRAO Standing Committees are mainly responsible for planning the concurrent sessions for the annual conference and business meeting held in late October or early November each year. They are the organization’s program committee. Each committee has a focus. 

Access, Diversity, and Equity Committee

Focus on issues of diversity and inclusivity with attention to special populations (i.e., low income, minorities, non-traditional, etc.).

Admissions and Enrollment Management Committee

Focus on undergraduate, graduate, and professional admissions policies, practices, and processing; enrollment management and retention; financial aid and enrollment services; recruitment, college fair etiquette, and marketing; school-college relations; transfer, transcript evaluation, and articulation; and international admission and study abroad programs.  Additionally, this committee will attend to topics related to students’ access to college and initiatives to help ensure equitable treatment and services in higher education.

  • Rachel Aldrich, Functional Analyst-Credit for Prior Learning, Fox Valley Technical College, [email protected], 2024
  • Lori Christianson (chair), Assistant Director, Transfer, UW-Madison, [email protected], 2024
  • Genna Mattioli, Admissions Operations & Events Coordinator, UW-Stevens Point, [email protected], 2025
  • Lindsey Radloff, Transfer Representative, UW-Whitewater, [email protected], 2026
  • David Toles, Associate Director of Admissions, UW-River Falls, [email protected], 2026
  • Darren Ward, Associate Director of Admissions, UW-Stout, [email protected], 2025

External Relations Committee

Focus on compliance, federal and state legislative issues, legislative updates, legal issues.

Information Technology and Research Committee

Focus on technology, institutional research.  Conference sessions to include content such as:

  • Data reporting, institutional assessment, retention analysis and predictions
  • Student Information Systems, emerging technologies & best practices
  • Examine business practices and how they relate to the SIS
  • External software solutions
  • Technology as it relates to student recruitment, success, and retention
  • Emilie Bailkey, Campus Solutions Coordinator, Northwood Technical College, [email protected], 2024
  • Yasi Blackmon, Registrar Systems Analyst, Marquette University, [email protected], 2026
  • Katie Block (chair), Assistant Registrar for Student Services, UW-Madison, [email protected], 2026
  • Rachael Daniel, Director, Systems & Data Analysis, UW-Milwaukee, [email protected], 2025
  • Kelly Higgins, Assistant Registrar for Data, Reporting, and Eligibility, UW-Madison, [email protected], 2024
  • Lori Turner, Associate Registrar, UW-Parkside, [email protected], 2025

Military Connected Services Committee

The primary task of the Military Connected Services committee is to plan and host the annual Veterans Certifying Official workshop, in conjunction with the Education Liaison Representative for Wisconsin and Wisconsin State Approving Agency.  The committee also serves to inform WACRAO of the issues facing military-connected students and acts as a resource for WACRAO to better assist these students in their academic pursuits.  Because this committee is so involved with training and implementing the regulations surrounding both federal- and state-level benefits for our military-connected students, committee members should have expertise in serving these students.  The committee’s membership should reflect the variety of WACRAO member institutions.

  • Debra Barrett (chair), Associate Registrar & Veteran Certifying Official, Marian University, [email protected], 2025
  • Jackie Helgeson, Manager of Veteran Services, Western Technical College, [email protected], 2025
  • Belinda Hull, Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (CEVSS) Program Coordinator, Herzing University, [email protected], 2026
  • Angela Kaye, School Certifying Official, Gateway Technical College, [email protected], 2026
  • Amy Moore, Veterans Benefits Coordinator/Office Manager, UW-Whitewater, [email protected], 2024
  • Stephen Pepper, Student Veteran Specialist, Moraine Park Technical College, [email protected], 2026

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development committee is all about building the skills and knowledge of our members in the areas of Registration, Recruitment, and Retention.  We want to expand our members’ knowledge base, boost confidence and credibility, and provide networking opportunities.  WACRAO wants to make sure our members are current on industry trends and help in future career changes.

Records, Registration, and Academic Services Committee

Focus on academic progress and support, commencement, graduation, retention, distance education, student academic records, study abroad, academic calendars, grading and GPA policies and practices, and records management and registration techniques.

Other Committees

Local Arrangements Committee – 2023

Nominations and Awards Committee